Angel of Glory

This magnificent image was taken by author Cindi R. Maciolek. Here is her description of the photo:

It was the early 1990’s. Summer. I was with a group on a visit to Hungary and the Czech Republic. It was hot. We stopped for some refreshments in a small town. Once revitalized, I wandered a bit and happened upon this glorious statue.

I’d never seen anything like it before, nor had anyone in the group. The mustard-yellow background really made the angel pop. I took a photo, and ever since, people have asked me to sell copies. I’ve sold a number of them, but now I make this available for purchase by everyone. (Copyright Cindi R. Maciolek, published by Grand Arbor Press, LLC.)

I’ve been told it’s Michael, the archangel, and until someone else can tell me otherwise, I’m going with it. I also understand it’s quite unusual to find one wing pointing downward on an angel. Generally, both are raised. So, for many reasons, this is a unique statue.

I hope that someone knows more about this and will share. I also hope this statue still exists. A lot of small towns have sold off such amazing items to raise operating funds and this is one that needs to be well-loved and cherished. If you have any details about this statue, please email me.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my image of this magnificent angel!

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