Java Jems

Java Jems: 5 Minute Inspirations for Busy PeopleIn today’s world, it seems we are on the go 24/7. We’re always too busy to take a break and give ourselves a refresher.

Java Jems was conceived as a way for people to take half of their coffee break – five minutes  – to relax, rejuvenate and refocus on what’s important.

Each original song is built around a topic, so depending on where you think you need some support, that would be the song you’d play.

As it turns out, most people play the entire 10-song album from start to finish. The album follows a theme, starting with Self-Confidence progressing through Accomplishment.

The 10 tracks of: Self-Confidence, Strength, Goals and Path, Personal Growth, Self-Love, Security, Creativity, Change, Leadership and Accomplishment are available both as a CD and MP3.

All words and music are original composed and performed by Verlene SchermerThe original watercolor was painted by Bay Area artist Steve Curl. The words, by Cindi R. Maciolek, were mostly written while seated on a bench near the Pacific Ocean in Del Mar, California. The spoken-word CD was released first, but many people requested a book of words, which then followed. If you are interested in bundles for business or gifts, please contact us for special pricing.

Through our Cafe Press store, you can add a journal to the collection and record your own inspirations. You’ll also find an assortment of merchandise as well as posters and cards bearing the Java Jems painting. If there is a particular item you’d like to see and it’s not in our store, please feel free to email and let us know. Thanks!