Java Jems: 5 Minute Inspirations for Busy People

In today’s world, it seems we are on the go 24/7. We’re always too busy to take a break and give ourselves a refresher.

Java Jems was conceived as a way for people to take half of their coffee break – five minutes  – to relax, rejuvenate and refocus on what’s important.

Java Jems is a collection of inspired poetry and prose to help you relax, focus and feed your soul. It’s built around 10 themes: Self-Confidence, Strength, Goals and Path, Personal Growth, Self-Love, Security, Creativity, Change, Leadership, Accomplishment. 

Java Jems is available as a book, plus the words are also set to beautiful original music on mp3.

Life can be difficult after the loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s hard to get back on track. Oftentimes, it’s hard to express how you feel.

A Healing Heart is a collection of original poetry that helps to put those feelings into words. It walks through the many stages of grief, by topic:

1. Shock and Disbelief
2. Anger
3. Pain
4. Letting Go
5. Frustration
6. Memories
7. Forgiveness
8. Sharing
9. Moving Forward
10. Don’t Go Away (lyrics)

Take a few moments every day for you – to relax, to reflect, to celebrate the life that is lost and to fully embrace the life that you have.